Dr. Miracle

Dr. Miracle I Anyanwu, an end-time revivalist, was prophetically called to preach God’s Word after his parents endured several years of bareness.  He is a self-effacing worship evangelist, preacher, teacher, inspirational and motivational speaker, songwriter, author, entrepreneur a medical doctor by profession.

Dr. Miracle I Anyanwu completed his medical degree in General Medicine (in Moscow, Russia) summa cum laude (at the top of his class). He currently spearheads several healthcare sectors in the United States.

After many years of bareness, divine destiny smiled at Pastors Edwin & Mercy Anyanwu, Dr. Miracle Anyanwu’s parents, at a revival meeting where an unprecedented and incredible prophecy was released from the guest speaker of the program. He said ‘Thus says the Lord of Hosts, by this time next year, you shall give birth to a bouncing baby boy and his name shall be called Miracle. He will be a covenant child with great promise and divine destiny… and so on”. To the glory of God, the prophecy came to fruition. A year later, Dr. Miracle I Anyanwu was born.

Dr. Miracle I Anyanwu began his evangelistic calling at the very tender age of 7, accompanied with signs and wonders. Although from childhood, he had a severe speech impediment – ‘chronic stuttering,’ which affected his eloquence. As a result, he was frequently mocked and picked on as a child. On a daily basis, he would use a pen and notebook to convey his thoughts and communicate with others due to his obstructed speech. He persisted in sharing God’s undiluted word even as the ailment persevered for several years without a relief. At the age of 15, the speech impediment miraculously disappeared as he was asked by his parents to lead devotion one fateful morning. Glory! What a mighty God we serve.

His life from birth till this day has been only full of unbelievable and incredible testimonies. Unarguably, Dr. Miracle I Anyanwu’s life is evidently a ‘miracle.’                                                                                

His spectacular blend of worship and humility leave the pew mesmerized emotionally and spiritually as he ushers them into the throne room. His powerful word ministrations are accompanied with miracles, signs, wonders and above all, salvation of souls. He has also taught and ministered at several institutions of learning, churches, seminars and conferences.

Dr. Miracle I Anyanwu has also written numerous articles which have been published in various magazines in different parts of the world. He’s also the best-selling author of Living Beyond Your Dream-World: dreams aren’t just enough, Part I & II” life-transforming and thought-provoking books. He is currently the Host of a weekly Christian TV series titled ‘Wisdom Nuggets with Dr. Miracle’- a video broadcast that has been an immense blessing to millions of viewers all over the world, which is also accompanied with his life stories and testimonies. 

In the early summer of 2016, Dr. Miracle Anyanwu got married to his beautiful and gifted wife, Grace Anyanwu, and since then, they’ve both co-labored in the ministry, working to build up God’s kingdom and dynasty. They are blessed with four children, a prince and three princesses.

Dr. Miracle I Anyanwu and his lovely wife, Grace M. Anyanwu are distinctively motivated with the vision of reflecting radiance in their generation. The couple travel within the United States and around the world touching lives positively to the glory of God. Dr. Miracle I Anyanwu, alongside his wife, preside over Miracle Anyanwu Ministries International (MAMI), I Choose to Wait and The Launch to Thrive Agency. Dr. Miracle I Anyanwu is also the founder and president of L.I.G.O (Life-Impact Generations Outreach) – a non-profit charitable organization that blesses the homeless and impoverished in the United States with basic social amenities and medical interventions, Wisdom Nuggets with Dr. Miracle and Miracle Anyanwu Foundation (MAF) a non-profit charitable organization targeted primarily for the under-privileged in Africa.