Dr. Miracle Anyanwu

The founder

Dr. Miracle Anyanwu, an end-time revivalist, was prophetically called to preach God’s Word after his parents endured several years of bareness.  He is a self-effacing worship evangelist, preacher, teacher, inspirational and motivational speaker, songwriter, author, entrepreneur a medical doctor by profession.

Dr. Miracle Anyanwu completed his medical degree in General Medicine (in Moscow, Russia) summa cum laude (at the top of his class). He currently spearheads several healthcare sectors in the United States.


Grace Miracle Anyanwu

Vice president

Grace Miracle Anyanwu, was born from an Igbo/Nigerian heritage and she is a Gospel artist, psalmist, preacher, songwriter, an engineer by profession, author, and abstinence advocate.

The vocal anointing Grace carries has left various congregations awed and mesmerized as she led them into God’s awesome presence. As a result, she’s traveled within the United States and around the world blessing lives with her angelic voice and ministering the word of God.