Do you still remember the way you smiled at each other on your wedding day?

Are you still smiling the same way today?

Do you still recall the day you met him [or her] for the very first time? The day you felt like you won an unimaginable lottery or jackpot.

Is the love [still] growing stronger or waxing cold?

Do you still remember the time, energy and money you put into that relationship before it led to “Yes, I Do”?

Are you still making those outstanding sacrifices for each other today?

Do you honestly desire to win your marital battles?

Do you want those smiles to remain ‘fresh’ and ‘steady’ between you both even in the midst of ‘crossroads’?

Do you still desire to give your ALL to your spouse with joy and gladness?

Then, you just need to do ONE thing: ‘DIE TO SELF.’ Let go of ‘ME’.’ Begin to think of ‘US.’

When you are in-charge, your marriage ‘suffocates;’ but when GOD is in-charge, your marriage breathes and above all, conquers ALL odds.

Verily we say unto you: Marriage is a beautiful institution ordained by God. The enemy knows that; and that’s why he blatantly fights against it today. Never let the devil steal your ‘amazing historical beginnings and memories.’

May Jehovah [continue to] uphold your marital union today and forever in Jesus’ name… Amen!

Your marital vows will never be ‘mere’ or ‘wasted’ declarations in Jesus’ name… Amen!

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God bless you and yours!


Miracle Anyanwu Ministries

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